The Artists

We are a collaborative group of professionals that all have a mutual love for beauty. We see ourselves as artists in our fields, since we love to create beauty, confidence, and self-esteem. The quote "Love of beauty is taste, creation of beauty is art" inspired Makeup Artist and Esthetician Fabiola Gisselle to not only create beauty in her clients, but also reminded her that beauty and art are shared with women on a whole level. This is how the collaboration began.

We each love what we do, and wanted to be able to show our clients, friends, and family our passion. Whether it's in skin care, makeup, fashion, or any other beauty aspect, we all love how we feel when we've created beauty. 

Through this website, you will get to know us each as individuals, and as a group.  Also you will be able to navigate through services we provide, our galleries, and also our blog. Feel free to go to the contact us page with questions, ideas, or to book services. We hope this will inspire you to create beauty in your life, and in the lives of others.