I Prime


I Prime


Prime skin to perfection with this ultimate blur gel. Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines and leaves skin flawless for application of makeup or daily moisturizer. A powerful blend of potent antioxidants, plant-derived stem cell extracts and botanicals fight free radical damage that causes skin aging. Smooths imperfections. Camera ready in one application. Paraben free.

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Marine filling spheres Microspheres of marine collagen and glycosaminoglycans that cause immediate smoothing of the skin surface

PhytoCellTecâ„¢ symphytum Helps boost the regenerative power of epidermal stem cells and their ability to build new tissue.

PhytoCellTecâ„¢ malus domestica Helps protect the longevity of skin stem cells, and combats chronological aging.

BV-OSC (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) A stable Vitamin C ester, antioxidant; whitening; helps accelerate collagen synthesis up to 50% better than L-ascorbic acid.

Licorice Natural skin lightener

Mulberry Natural skin lightener

Vitamin E Antioxidant