Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil

Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil


Rejuvenate and revive radiance in dull, fatigued skin with a blend of skin-conditioning plant oils, nourishing fatty acids and known antioxidants that work in concert to reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier. This ultra-light oil feels weightless on the skin but offers powerful moisture retention effects to keep it soft and supple.

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Moringa oleifera seed oilAbsorbs quickly and easily making it an excellent moisturizer; efficiently prevents water loss through the epidermis.

Hippophae rhamnoids (seabuckthorn) oilContains rich amounts of essential fatty acids (EFA’s), vitamins, phytosterols and flavonoids all of which help in anti-aging.

Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oilDeep nourishing benefits that enables quick healing of chapped, dry skin. Antioxidant protection provides defense against harsh environmental factors. Helps to strengthen connective tissue of the skin and to improve elasticity and youthfulness.

Argan oil Luxurious oil with hydrating, regenerating, restructuring, anti-aging and skin softening effects.

Sunflower oil Nourishing oil rich in essential Vitamin E.

Avocado oil Skin conditioning oil that slows the loss of water from the skin's surface.

Squalane Naturally present in the skins’ lipid barrier, helps prevent moisture loss while restoring suppleness and flexibility.

BV-OSC (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) A stable Vitamin C ester, antioxidant; whitening; helps accelerate collagen synthesis up to 50% better than L-ascorbic acid

Tocopherol (vitamin e) Antioxidant - derived from soy oil. Vitamin E has antioxidant effects, which help to support the stability of other ingredients (oil, fats).